Product Design

This is a pitch for an internship application. The brief from the creative agency simply stated: "tell us something about you." So I sent them their very own Sobhiyye set.

A Sobhiyye is a morning ritual where friends and family members gather around a hot kettle of black coffee and sip through what the day has yet to bring. It is a simple ritual deeply embedded in Lebanese culture, because human connection is stimulated and maintained. During Sobhiyye, people gossip, plan their day, fight, ponder and reminisce. They become story tellers. 

The word carved on the box is "Sobhiyye", written in Kufic, a form of geometric Arabic script. The box was built then carved using laser cut, after which the pearlskin tiles were embedded. Inside the box were an envelope, two customized traditional coffee cups along with black coffee and sugar containers.


Internship pitch.
March 2016


Using English and Arabic in parallel was crucial to this pitch, because it was important to me that the American agency - who was not familiar with my language or culture - understood the nuances behind the idea, and was made aware of the fact that I have the ability to adopt a bilingual design treatment. 


Inside that envelope were stories pertaining to the Sobhiyye culture, as well as directions regarding the ingredients and the cups that were sent in the box: